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Poet, Designer, Photographer, Lyricist, Entrepreneur -Aju Thomas is a man of many talents. Apart from running a software company with his friends Aju also loves to write poems. Here are few of his Sayiku entries into the World Poets Society:

Rules for Sayiku
1.)The central feel should appear to the wanton eye as derogatory, pessimistic and pejorative. But it should in its own right have a sting in the tail that abounds with optimism and enthusiasm.2.)The ‘poem’ should invariably be a five liner. 3.)Double negative for single negative can be used. 4.)Use of the words ‘ain’t’, and ‘gonna’ is welcome. 5.)Explicit and Implicit references to nature. 6.)The first line rhymes with no other line. 7.)The second and fifth lines rhyme, also third and fourth.

Grey December

Horizons merge in shade and shelter,
Open skies like ashen fields,
Promises weary of shifting wind,
Emily wonders what Christmas would bring,
Sitting by the fire as humanity yields.


Horror and death entrenched the damned sons,
Overkill that mapped bodies bored,
Nations will always have nations to fight,
Often a wishlist, a forged insight,
Ride to war to end all war.


No lingering gravy or onion caramelized,
Not a whiff of spice tender in the folds of meat,
Just a bowl of gruel, a worthless pun?
And this life squeezed under a merciless sun,
Even gruel earned true is just as sweet.

Aju is also the Creative Director and Lyricist for Evergreen, a very popular Indian Progressive Rock Band. Here is the absolutely awesome album cover art of their first album Between & Beyond, photographed and created by Aju.

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  1. August 9, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Very beautifully put together.

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