Making a Mark

Author Mira Jacob wrote her first book at age 7. It was called “The Fox and The Crow” and consisted of some of her favorite poems that she had written up till then. She would happily hand this over to every person who visited her house. This was about the same time in her life when she would spend hours dancing to Simon & Garfunkel in the living room, convinced she was a hidden gift to modern dance. However, she chose writing and finally published her first novel last year.

Mira has been writing professionally for about 20 years. Her writing and short stories have appeared in many books and magazines like GuernicaVogue, the Telegraph,  Bookanista,  Metropolis, Footnotes with Kenneth Cole, Simon & Schuster,  Adios Barbie and Seal; on television at VH-1′s Pop-Up Video, and across the web. She has appeared on national and local television and radio, and has taught writing to students of all ages in New York, New Mexico, and Barcelona. She currently teaches fiction at NYU.

Having grown up in rural New Mexico, where very few Indians exist, Mira likes to write about Indians in New Mexico as a way of memorializing that time, of saying “no, we were here, too.” She feels that there are so many people like her out there who never see themselves reflected in the arts of mainstream America. She says “But we are legion. And a legion needs its own stories.” Hence she writes.

Her first novel, The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing was shortlisted for the Tata First Literature Award, and has been named on the following 2014 lists: Kirkus’ Best Books, Boston Globe Best Books, Goodreads Best Fiction, Bustle’s Best Fiction and BuzzFeed’s 22 Most Exciting Literary Debuts. In September 2014, Mira was named the Emerging Novelist Honoree at Hudson Valley Writer’s Center, where she received a commendation from the U.S. Congress for her contributions to the literary community.


When I asked Mira what inspired her, this is what she said: High desert, the kind that gets cut up with mountains and snow. Sky. The idea of an invisible continent. The pursuit of all kinds of spicy foods. Also, I get color hungry.  I can spend whole days thinking about a single color, and often do. 


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