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Tejas Modak is a writer and artist based in Pune, India. Being a huge comic book fan, after his graduation he naturally took to creating his own comics. His first graphic novel – Private-eye Anonymous: The Art Gallery Case – was published in 2008 by Westland Books. Here is a glimpse into the novel:

His second graphic book – Animal Palette – where he has collaborated as artist, is to be published this October. Here is a sneak preview into the artwork of the book:

Tejas is currently creating two illustrated book titles for Wisdom Tree and also working on an original graphic novel for Penguin Books. Apart from making comics and illustrating books, he also paints and had his first solo show titled ‘Scintillation’ in May 2010.

To enjoy more of his work click here and to know more about his graphic novel – Private-eye Anonymous: The Art Gallery Case, check out this highly entertaining website he has created for it.

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    I came across your site, i think your blog is cool, keep posting.

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