Awesome twosome

Let me introduce you to Anita and Amit Vachharajani,a husband-wife duo that is passionately involved with children’s literature. Anita, the writer writes children’s stories and also takes writing workshops for children while, Amit creates illustrations for magazines and children’s books and also works with international documentary film crews.

Together they have created Amazing India – A state-by-state guide. It is a book on the diverse and multicultural states of India. Beautifully illustrated each page is packed with interesting details covering history and geography of the state, its stories, its monuments, its dances, art & craft forms, its forests, national parks, biosphere reserves and endangered or special animals, if any.

Aimed to capture the minds of young readers and to create a need to learn more about the country’s vast heritage, the book is a must have for anyone with an interest in India.To see more of Anita’s writings click here and here and to enjoy more of Amit’s illustrations click here

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