Tea Trunk

Tea has always been an integral part of Snigdha Manchanda’s life. In the morning, Snigdha’s mum would have two kettles boiling, tea in one, while the other would contain anything from ajwain (carom seeds) to leftover mint leaves from the previous night or lemongrass boiling inside. Snigdha and her sister would dutifully sip on the resultant herb-infused concoction throughout the day. This was her earliest association with her favourite beverage.

In the early 90’s her dad who was then posted in Assam brought Snigdha a pack of green tea which opened up her world. She started collecting teas. Snigdha collected more than 100 exotic and rare teas from around the world, including countries like Japan, Russia, Taiwan and Kenya.

In 2011 Snigdha decided to take her passion further by training as a Tea Sommelier from the Tea Sommelier Academy in Sri Lanka. She was trained by the well known Tea Master, Nao Kumekawa, from Japan. On her tea trails, she has tasted and profiled more than 2000 varieties of teas.

In 2013 Snigdha launched her tea company, Tea Trunk. She has created 6 signature tea blends through her passion and understanding of Indian teas. Tea Trunk sources teas from small tea estates across India. The mission is to promote quality teas from within India to the world.

Snigdha offers a lot more than just her signature tea blends but an entire bouquet of wholesome tea experiences like guided tea tastings, Chai Walk and more. To culminate her offerings in the world of teas, Snigdha plans to launch a tea school to revolutionize academic opportunities to study tea.

Snigdha’s vision is to set up a global learning hub for tea, in India.

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