My Desi Guru

Punam Malhotra is an entrepreneurial mum. Living in UK, she faced a problem of not finding any suitable products to help her kids learn Hindi. Together with her partner Pinal Patel, they sat down to develop a solution for their problem. After a few years of research, development, testing and hard work, My Desi Guru was born.

My Desi Guru is an educational and interactive desi language DVD series providing a range of languages for young children. Aimed at pre-school children wanting to learn new languages, it was cited as the Perfect Language Tool on BBC Radio. With cute animated jungle characters, visual games and music, this seems to be a big hit with the kids. Here is a poster and a sample video:




With its continued success and market demand, Punam and Pinal have also successfully launched European language series like French/English & Spanish/English.

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