Student Feature – Ashish Verma

Photographer Ashish Verma worked in the customer service industry for over 3 years before he followed the calling of his heart and joined the first batch of Photography Design course at NID, Ahmedabad. He takes keen interest in working with people and social issues. He believes in getting to his subjects heart, for which he often stays with them in their environment to bring out the pictures that are autobiographical. Here are a few of his moving work:

“The other side of her”

This project is a series of photographs on the lives of sex workers in Ahmedabad, outside of the trade. The project portrays that side of sex workers which is oblivious to all of us, or which is what we choose to ignore in our perception when we think of them.


“Pathbreakers: Women who challenged a man’s world”

This project is a series of portraits of Indian women who stood up against society and answered their true calling. They took the road less travelled and excelled in fields which were considered male dominated.


In this project, Ashish tries to explore the open culture of House Sharing in UK.

Ashish is currently pursuing MFA in Photography from the  University of Creative Arts, Farnham(UK).

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