The Uninvited

Software professional Suraj Nair, also an independent short film maker, has always been an art fanatic. He learned dance and music during his younger days and was a choreographer in his college years, leading a group of dancers through many competitions. His passion for films soon caught up with him and he started making films as soon as he got his first job. Completely self-taught, Suraj has made around eight short films, under his home production ‘Edakkattil Arts‘. The production believes in zero budget films and almost all the movies are conceived within no budget.

Suraj usually shoots his films using digital DVD handy cams with like-minded friends/colleagues as actors. He believes that anyone who has a story can effectively conceive it visually. With most of his films nominated at major Short Film Festivals in India like ICE 2009, ICE 2010, 16 frames and PFC One, he sure has proven his point.

Here is Suraj’s latest short film ‘The Uninvited’ which was short listed at the prestigious ICE 2010 and at the 16 frames film festival.

Currently, Suraj is working on his ninth venture ‘Shoonya‘ which is in its post production stage.

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