Musician, Movie-Maker & More…

Texas-based, Ganesh Rao is a multi-faceted artist who works passionately with several visual and digital mediums. His strongest asset is his artistic intuition and the ability to blend that with the knowledge earned from a formal education in engineering. He is currently directing a music video for the British progressive metal band – TesseracT.

Ganesh is also working on his debut music-video album titled The Forbidden Circle (2012), which will feature a combination of his music and video making skills to result in a 30 minute audio-visual experience. Ganesh mixes and masters albums in his home studio, composes background scores and designs sounds for short films. Here are a few stills of another video he created called Empyrean:




When he’s not working on vast projects, he illustrates for children’s books, creates album artwork for musicians, paints, and designs for print media. He also develops websites and web applications, he’s currently taken charge of developing a web portal for Indian musicians called Eight Octaves.

Here are a few of his illustrations:






Ganesh is currently pursuing an MFA at the Dept. of Visualization, Texas A&M and is actively looking for collaborative projects in the visual FX and music industry.

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