International Indie Film Maker

Self taught International Independent Film Maker Swaroop Kanchi started making films when he was only 16. His first feature film, Black Sugar premiered at the New York Film Festival and was termed a ‘cult classic’. This got him great projects in the US and he worked on Indie films like “Sleeping with the enemy’s son”, “Acid” and “Taxiwallah”.

In 2007 his film Hong Kong Dreaming, an English feature film shot in Hong Kong, premiered at the UK International Film Festival & later at the Bengalooru Film festival. In 2008 he collaborated on Supraman & the school of Necessity with UK based film makers. The film won international acclaim and brought awareness to the cause of every child’s right to basic education.

His recent film Bengaloored (2010) is an English feature film set in Bangalore. It tells the story of an author who returns to Bangalore after 10 years to complete his book by rediscovering the city of his childhood and to seek the comforts of home. Instead he finds everything totally changed.

“Bengaloored” is a realistic take on the cultural, economic, industrial, commercial and sentimental transformation in Bangalore. Here is a preview

Swaroop is now off to the Himalayas to shoot a prelude to his next film based on the Buddha. To know more about his work click here.

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