Event Shout Out : ‘India Is’ Global Video Challenge 2011

When two of the biggest Ministries in India join hands to promote something, the one thing you can be sure of is that it will be GRAND!


The ‘India Is’ Global Video Challenge 2011 is at par with any international video challenge, going by the scale of promotion, the brand ambassadors, the jury and its online presence!

Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Former Under-Secretary General – United Nations and the veteran Golden Globe Nominee filmmaker, Mr. Shekhar Kapur are the Brand Ambassadors for the Video Challenge. It is indeed quite an interesting combination – an ex UN-member and a filmmaker, both highly regarded for their intellectual contribution to India. To quote the ‘India Is’ team: “Mr. Kapur’s cinematic experience is invaluable and Dr.Tharoor is an eloquent commentator on India’s soft power”.

This is your chance to participate. All you need to do is get acquainted with the rules and get started.



For some special tips and insights into “New Age Filmmaking” have a look at Shekhar Kapur’s video :


Another interesting video is that of Dr. Tharoor and his opinion on what exactly India Is. We particularly like the way he’s explained each category.


The ‘India Is’ Global Video Challenge 2011 is open for entries till 31st December 2011. To explore and find out more about this amazing opportunity, take a look at some of the entries received thus far here.

Don’t think twice. If you’ve experienced India in some way or form, THIS is the best place to let your creativity and perception mold an imaginative and beautiful video!

For more details on the competition and prizes, visit: www.IndiaIs.org | fb.com/realindiais | twitter.com/realindiais | youtube.com/realindiais

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