A ‘Couple’ of Films

Sonal D’Silva aka sonaluna is a composer/producer/vocalist from Mumbai, India, where she lives and works, making soundtracks for the on-screen lives of robots, lost lovers, cities, trains, dancers, explorers and even a ninja who breaks into homes. Sonal has received many accolades for her music by many prestigious organisations such as the Esquire Magazine (John Mayer Songwriting Competition 2005), Berlinale 2008 (Volkswagen Score Competition –the first Indian and only the second woman to be selected for the score competition) and Red Bull Music Academy (London 2010).

Sonal’s husband Elvis D’Silva is a storyteller and a recent convert to video documentaries. He produces design and films. Elvis’ film Scalpel To Vein was an Official Selection at Sundance Online Film Festival 2004, Three Stories took him to Script Clinic Berlinale 2006 and a package of five short films Scalpel To Vein, Once Upon A High, Avenged, Meaning and Iraadaa were featured at the No Masala Film Festival, Germany.


Complementing each other’s work, together they create gripping videos that take you to into a totally different world. Some of their collaborative projects include LG Light A Diya Diwali Campaign, Orkut’s launch film, an Art Documentary Series on Mumbai and 60×60 Vision, a mixed media film for UK’s Motiroti to celebrate 60 years of Indian Independence. Here are two videos: Tourist Eye: Las Vegas from their absolutely brilliant series The Tourist Eye and Day and Night NYC.

To enjoy more of their amazing work click here.

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    What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but you definitely add value. Bravo.

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