Zing of Colour

Textile Designer Kanika Bahl graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Born and brought up in Delhi she worked full time with design houses based in NCR before she moved to Pune post her marriage. In the new city with the encouragement of her husband and help from fellow textile designers Kanika started making Cushions and Key Rings, which soon lead to a fully-fledged career in Designing.

Using traditional textiles like Ikats, Pure Silks and Vintage Kantha from Bengal,  Kanika creates modern accessories like Table Runners, Table Mats, Key Rings, Pouches, Bags, Fabric Art Jewellery, Stoles & Jackets. Here are a few of her bright and cheerful designs:

Handmade Cushions

Handmade Yellow Cushion

Handmade necklace

Bright runners

Bright handmade runners

Patchwork Stole

Handmade cloth Keyring

Kanika designs under her brand name Anek Designs which retails out of some really eclectic stores across India.

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