Whimsical MOO-NEE

Designer Samara Mahendru has always had a special love for indigenous textiles. Having discovered hand block printing to be a versatile medium for her graphic illustrative style, Samara with the support of her husband, recently launched her label, MUNY (pronounced moo-nee, MU for Mumbai and NY for New York).

With MUNY, Samara combines traditional Indian textiles with contemporary colors and motifs to create eclectic, bohemian and multicultural products. Cute airplanes, skateboarding owls, bold spirals, graphic leaves and zigs zags make up her playful & whimsical debut collection. Here are a few of them:


Samara grew up in India and currently lives in Brooklyn NY. She uses 100% cotton fabric for her designs and her quilts have a 100% cotton batting as filling.





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