Teller of Tales

Product designer Abhijit Bansod is also the founder of Bangalore based design studio-Studio ABD. Abhijit is focused on creating sustainable designs, which are enriched with human emotions and very characteristically expressive in nature. Winner of many awards here is his latest award winning creation:

Inspired by the ring of halo that hovers above the head of the wise and saintly, the rechargeable LED Studylite made for BPL is a simple yet iconic design. This year it has won the coveted Red Dot Award for product design from Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany.

Abhijit has recently launched a brand called Mubhi. Mubhi is a different take on bringing the centuries old mythological stories passed down from generation to generation, into our present lives through beautiful and functional products. Here are two stories of Brand Mubhi

Inspired from the Kalpa Vriksha a mythological, wish‐fulfilling divine tree which is believed to have religious and spiritual value Mannath is about the excitement of making wishes, the anticipation over waiting for them to come true, and the realization that sometimes we don’t cherish the most important things we already possess.
Burned incense is intended as a sacrificial offering to various deity or to serve as an aid in prayer.The incense ashes are a symbol of our wishes. Angara is created to keep our wishes safe and spread the fragrance of the incense with out spilling the ash.
To check out more of Abhijit’s work click here.

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