Designer Gurdeep Lall graduated in Fashion from the University of Northampton. Two  years after graduating  he launched his Label Lall London, a ‘casual-luxe’ label which features silk chiffon vests, tunics and dresses that have been hand sequined with fresh graphic images.

Being of Sikh Indian decent, and born & brought up in London Gurdeep has inherited a mix of modesty with a wild streak. His designs are a combination of understated styles with a flair of opulence. Here is a look into his new collection called  ‘SHOCKWAVE PULSAR’ for Spring/Summer 2012 , with a note by Gurdeep:

‘’SHOCKWAVE PULSAR is much more light-hearted collection than the previous ones and looks very high summer with its sun drenched colours. For the embellishments I took inspiration from simple geometric shapes that have been repeated and repeated to give a simplistic beauty. I’ve mixed this up with some irregular clusters of bright sequins, which keep it all playful.’’

Gurdeep’s trademark is his beautiful use of sequence with soft luxurious fabrics.

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