Saffron Hue

It all began as a casual conversation between two stay-at-home-moms Ruchi Sharma and Pinal Maniar, where they discussed the lack of unique high quality offerings available at affordable prices. They decided to bring a fresh new perspective to the traditional textiles and techniques of India by using them for baby bedding and accessories. With this insight, industry experience and necessary skill sets Saffron Hue was founded.

Ruchi, a corporate-refugee-turned-entrepreneur holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from University of Houston and has more than seven years of extensive experience in both finance and marketing.

Pinal has an advanced diploma in Textile Design for the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Backed with a sound design studio experience she has been working as an independent textile and surface designer since 2003 exploring different avenues and techniques in the field of home furnishings, handicrafts and quilting.

Together, they create beautiful products that reflect the changing times and are an amalgamation of skilled craftsmanship, tradition and modern design sensibilities.

Here are a few of their products:


Saffron Hue is a socially and environmentally responsible company. All products are earth friendly and printed with Azo free dyes on 100% cotton.

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