An MBA from William Paterson University, NJ, USA in Entrepreneurship Ashish Rajadhyaksha writes regularly on topics related to entrepreneurship, creativity, business plans, manufacturing competitiveness, media innovation, and others.

Passionate about effectiveness of entrepreneurship in solving social problems through job creation, social mobility and bridging ethno-religious misgivings, Ashish is involved in several personal, business and research endeavours to support global exchange of ideas and understanding.

Ashish is currently involved with Pullo’man, a brand specializing in kids furniture & accessories. Each Pullo’man is designed and handmade to give children a sense of independence, wonder and mobility to play, store and clean their room. Available in several fun designs such as Bubbles the Elephant, Sprinkles the Cupcake and Bella the Car, these Pull Along Ottomans make great play companions for little ones.

The final samples are currently being made. Here are some design sketches of what they will look like and a video demonstrating its features:










The Pullo’man will soon be available to buy at SOIO.

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