Pretty dress for your little princess

Textile and graphic designer Ruchita Bahl studied textile designing from the very well known SNDT, Mumbai. One day when one of her friends looked at Ruchita’s then 2 months old daughter’s jammies and exclaimed they were the same ones her daughter had, Ruchita’s mind started thinking. She wanted something different for her daughter and so her brand Jaamun was born.

Ruchita creates vibrant, elegant and simple designs that are entirely made from conception to embroidery by her, in her home. The dresses have a touch of “Indian”ness in them with modern twists. Each dress is unique and she tries not to repeat any of them. Here are a few of her pretty dresses:





Originally from Mumbai, Ruchita currently lives in bay area in sunny California.

Ruchita’s dresses are now available at the Shop Of Indian Origin.

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  1. nidhi
    August 21, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Hi Nisha
    These are so pretty! Can you share her email id please?

    Nidhi Suresh

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