Organic Emotive and Inspired from nature

Pune born Lifestyle Accessories Designer Avantika Kumar was in love with art since she was a toddler. A box of crayons would light her face up. Through her schooling she held on to her passion for drawing, sketching and painting, by participating in various drawing contests across the nation. Being an academically bright student and advised by parents Avantika studied to become an engineer. Her yearning to do something creative, satisfying and something that she would never tire doing lead her to pursue a post graduation in design at the prestigious National Institue of Design.

Avantika loves to mix up various materials and colours. She was selected as one of the student designer from NID to showcase their jewellery collection at IIJW 2010(India International Jewellery Week), Mumbai. Morever, her collection titled ‘Aurum’ was selected to represent NID at the grand finale.

Avantika defines her design sense as organic, emotive and inspired from nature. Here are a few designs from her recent collection.

Avantika currently lives and works in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


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    Absolutely Stunning!

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    hey Nisha, thanks for the feature and for giving me such a platform as ‘Of Indian Origin’!!

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