Of Dichotomies and Identities

Designer Akshay Tyagi was born in India and graduated from NSCAD University with a BFA in Textiles and a Minor in Fashion. He has been commissioned by performance group Camerata Xara Young Women’s Choir in Halifax and actress Lucy DeCoutere for Atlantic Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. Last year he was appointed as a board of director for NSCAD University’s Alumni Association.

Akshay’s strengths as a designer lie in the tension between structure, form, and function. He loves exploring with various structures and materials. He also enjoys fusing Indian design philosophy and technique with the west’s concept of product and design. Here  are a few of his designs from his collection Of Dichotomies and Identities (with a little note by him about his designs):

”Of Dichotomies and Identities is inspired by New Delhi’s traffic, her people and their modes of transport are a physical symbol of where I come from, where I belong, and who I am. In my mind, the local transportation system of New Delhi not only acts as a physical vehicle for the lives of several thousands of Indians, but also as a theoretical vehicle that embodies my own definition of India. The intricacies of my identity can be defined by four key themes, namely Duality, Restriction, Re/De-Construction and Weight (Burden/Barrier). Using the Road, the Bus, the Auto-Rickshaw, and the Telecommunication Tower as tangible extensions of this identity and background, I have created a collection of garments that is highly personal yet historically informed to retain the integrity of the conceptual parallels I have drawn. The garment sets are in three formats: Flat, Transformative, Structured. Each format takes form on the body, becomes dynamic only when on the body, and the body transforms to the garment respectively in each set. This collection was originally presented as a gallery installation with an audio and video component at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax, Canada. None of these garments were for sale. All garments were produced to my own personal body specifications.”







































Akshay currently resides and practices in Canada as a personal stylist, artist, and designer.

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