Memories of a Butterfly – design in beads

Sreeti Mondol lived and travelled to various places in the world, she did her BA psychology in LSR Delhi and her MA in transnational communication and global media at London University, Goldsmiths College. After her MA, she moved to Bangalore where she worked in the field of advertising as a strategy planner with big names such as McCann Erickson and O&M.

Having pushed away her creative nudges for some years, it was finally an accident that forced her to rest for nearly a year, which provided her with the opportunity and renewed vigour to follow her dream.

Five years on Sreeti runs her business ‘Memories of a Butterfly – design in beads‘ as the director and principal designer where she creates beautiful customized bead curtains.

She is inspired by those who do what they want and strive to break any mould built around them, by flight and openness and endless possibilities. Sreeti customises every piece she creates, there are no limitations and restrictions. Every piece is unique. Here are a few of her designs:

You can see more of Sreeti’s work here.

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