Masala Tee

Noelline Besson grew up in a creative atmosphere at home and then studied art and photography in Ecole des Beaux Arts & Ecole d’Art d’Avigon. After which she graduated in Interior Architecture in Paris (Ecole Boulle). She worked as freelance decorative painter and designer for 10 years, in France before she moved to India. Though Noelline was brought up in France, she is heavily influenced by India, the place where she was born. She left India when she was only a baby but felt a deep urge to discover her roots, which brought her back to India.

In India,  Noelline met another expat Sheikha MATTAR-JACOB. Sheikha graduated in Social Sciences & Journalism from the National University of Singapore. With 15 years of Advertising/Marketing/Creative experience- having worked in Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in Singapore & Malaysia, as well as Publicis Group in Paris and India and 4 years’ experience as a freelance Writer for Lifestyle Magazines/Ad Agencies in Shanghai, China, Shiekha was the right mix in what they together concocted as Masala Tee.

Masala Tee is an uber cool indie tee-shirt concept focused on India-centric, designer Tee-shirts made using the finest materials. Here are a few of their wonderful tees.

Masala Tee


Based in Delhi, Masala tee also believes in giving back to the society. A percentage of their revenue is donated to humanitarian organizations in India, helping women and children.

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