Lost City

Afshan Durrani was raised in the Indian city of Kashmir. The rebellious Afshan was the only member of her family who did not become a doctor. She instead gravitated to the arts, moving to New York City in 1995 to complete her fashion degree at Fashion Institute of Technology.

After spending several years supplying her fabrics to leading showrooms on a private label basis, Afshan launched her brand Lost City in 2006.

The textiles and accessories of Lost City are a repository of Afshan’s passions, obsessions, and inspirations. Her fabrics have attracted the attention of tastemakers like Robert Couturier, Peter Marino, and Soucie Horner as well as high end manufacturers and showrooms such as Polo Ralph Lauren. Peter Marino has commissioned Lost City for many of their projects including custom embroideries for the Ty Warner penthouse at the Four Seasons hotel in New York.

Afshan draws inspiration from historic source materials. Her sensibility is entirely avant-garde: punk rock, tragic love stories, the experimental films of Maya Deren, and even the embroideries of Richard Shoreleyker_a 17th century phenomenon who had a devoting following of housewives have all informed her approach. From ancient Persian literature to 1970s rock, Lost City products are influenced by people, places, and movements that were modern before their time.

Here are a few of her designs:


In addition to serving as the label’s creative director, Afshan is also heavily involved in technical development and production, frequently traveling between New York and India to collaborate with her community of artisans.

Lost City products will soon be available at SOIO.


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