Limited Edition Designs

Sisters Nidhi Mehta and Hiral Bhogi have always been very instinctive towards each other. While Hiral is the left brainer, Nidhi is the dreamer and together they fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Though both the sisters soared well in their individual careers, there was a creative strain that pulled them together to do something new, exciting, satisfying and fun.

Working as a trend spotter, Nidhi was very perceptive of the way different cultures interpret their design aesthetic. Her travels to design hubs like Paris, Stockholm and Bangkok brought her closer to the idea of generating good every day designs for every Indian. Along with Hiral’s insight of developing these ideas into a business, they created LIMITED EDITION.

Here are a few of their designs:

Limited Edition is a passionate collections of funky, mix-and-match, colorful bags that are inspired by Incredible India.

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