Glitterati Jewellery

Born and raised in Mumbai, Designer Bansri Mehta was constantly surrounded by exquisite fashion; ornate jewellery and striking accessories. Whether it was preparing for a night out or dressing up for a special occasion, Bansri was always attracted to elegant, luxurious creations that expressed her personal sense of style.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, California, her exposure to the glamorous style scene became the catalyst that inspired her to create her very own line of jewellery. Her client list comprises of industrialists, business tycoons and other famed glitterati.

Inspired by the elevated spirit and high tempo of urban life Bansri’s collection offer some original and wildly creative options in western, ethnic and funky styles. Here are a few of them:

Ornate Jewellery

Bansri designes under the brandname Bansri Joaillerie. Her ever changing collection of jewellery can be found at ultra-chic boutiques located in USA, India, Dubai, Paris & London.

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