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Friends and classmates Pallavi Arora and Suman Sharma met at National Institute of Design where Suman studied furniture design and Pallavi studied film and video communication. With Pallavi’s mum being a painter and a teacher of art and Suman’s father a photographer, both of their art and design sensibilities took shape early at home. Together they started Sotomoto, a design studio and store that specializes in kids’ products and spaces.

The idea behind Sotomoto germinated when they both had their own kids and realized that when it came to kids’ products and accessories, the choices were very limited. The market was dominated by mass brands that have a very standardized ‘western’ look and feel. There was nothing unique about any of the products/ fabrics they found. This is the need gap that Sotomoto grew out of, with the aim to marry Indian craft traditions with contemporary design sensibilities of the West. The result is – products that are intrinsically Indian, but are well-designed, well-produced, and that meet the safety and ergonomics parameters of the West.

Sotomoto offers a curated mix of products that range from furniture, rugs, linen, lights, curtains to storage bins. Here are a few of their colourful designs:

Pallavi and Suman also undertake interiors and space design projects and offer design consultancy.

Interesting Fact: The name SOTOMOTO comes from chotto moto, a Bengali endearment.

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  1. June 5, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    lovely designs….so cute

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