Fashionable Footwear

Designer Aksha Fernandez studied and worked as an architect, in India in her early years. But, she felt that architecture didn’t quite give her the freedom to fully explore her creative ideas. So, she decided to venture to Milan, Italy, where she did her MA in Accessories Design. In Milan, she also learned about Italian craftsmanship and traditions in shoe making.

Aksha later moved to London where she worked with various designers including Felder Felder. Early this year she launched her footwear brand called Aksha Fernandes. Aksha’s style is very personal, explorative and seeks to inspire the every day woman to venture beyond her daily life. She takes a lot of inspiration from nature and architecture. Here are pages from her lookbook A/W 2011:

Aksha currently lives in London with her Swedish husband. Her shoes are produced in Italy.

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