Ek Kharkhana

Designer Preeti Wanchoo is a graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Design, India. After her graduation, she worked for a short period of while to gain some experience, before she teamed up with two of her friends with similar design sensibilites to create the label Ek Karkhana.

Inspired by travel, movies, art and little nuances of daily life, Preeti designs beautiful products that she brings to life using great craftsmanship. Here are a few beautiful designs by Ek Karkhana.




Interesting fact: While looking for a workshop Preeti and her friends found an unusual, strikingly odd yet warm space. With no landmark except a palm tree in the middle of a chaotic market, they would often address it as “ek karkhana nariyal ke jhaad ke paas” meaning a workshop near a palm tree, while giving out directions. This became a commonly used term and soon  Ek Karkhana became their identity.


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