Eco-friendly Luxury Home Textiles

Ever since designer Mitun Chakrabarti’s childhood in Calcutta, where she learnt how to paint and sketch as a hobby, she dreamed of creating her own designs for the home.  However, the journey to the world of design had its challenges and a few detours.  Mitun began her life in the US as a young woman pursuing undergraduate studies in Business and IT and an MBA at the University of Georgia and Georgia State University.  She worked in corporate America in IT and general management areas for about 8 years.  But felt something was always missing.

Constantly looking for inspiration in her surroundings and her passion for travel and learning about new cultures, the creative soul in Mitun reigned strong.  Once she and her husband relocated from the US to Vancouver, BC, the opportunity to start a new venture of her dreams awaited her.

With a dream, a passion for design, and a zest for entrepreneurial ventures, Mitun set up her brand, RAJBOORI an eco-friendly and  sustainable luxury home textiles company combining contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship.




Mitun works closely with the artisans in a village in North Eastern India and in Calcutta and strives to sustain a community one product at a time.


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