Singapore based designer Vyshnavi grew up in South Bangalore’s most traditional neighborhood where almost every home wakes up to MS Subbulakshmi’s rendition of Venkatesha Suprabhatam. Vyshnavi spent a decade in the advertising business across India and Singapore examining the cultural landscape of the region and crafting locally relevant stories for global brands. She became increasingly aware that in its art, architecture, textile tradition, theatre and worship, Asia has compelling design stories waiting to be told to the world.

With her vision to transform her love for creative concepts, Indian Classical Music, Islamic architecture and Asian cultures into wearable stories, Vyshnavi launched DVIBHUMI, a jewellery label with a contemporary viewpoint on design rooted in Asian heritage. Here are a few of her beautiful pieces inspired by Indian Classical Music (a modern take on the MS Subbulakshmi style of accessorising), Islamic architecture, and Balinese temple architecture and performing arts.


DVIBHUMI translates to “two earths”. It represents a stream of ideas flowing from Vyshnavi’s two worlds: India, where she grew up, and South East Asia, where she lives, works and travels.

These gorgeous pieces can be bought at its E-boutique www.dvibhumi.com. Dvibhumi ships worldwide.



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