Design by Example

Moutushi Sarkar is a fashion design graduate from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. After her graduation, Moutushi worked around 7 years, mostly in the Indian export market, gaining experience in designing for various international upmarket brands across Europe and USA.

To break the monotony of the bridge-line/high street market caused by mass replica looks across the board from relentless copying of runway designs, Moutushi started her own label, Example. Her love for handicrafts is extended into her clothes while breaking away from the typical bohemian/ethnic look associated with handcrafted attire. Moutushi’s aim is to provide urban clothing for intelligent, well-traveled and aware customers. Someone who appreciates the subtle details and prefers timeless pieces over fad-based shopping.

Here are a few of her creations:

Moutushi’s products are created in natural fabrics, and incorporate hand-made techniques from local crafts, made by artisans. Reducing wastage is another project being incorporated into the business philosophy.

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