Dear O Deer! What Ceramics !

New Delhi based Kriti Chaudhary first got introduced to clay during a hobby weekend class she took up while she was doing her bachelors in product design. She absolutely enjoyed the  hands-on experience of working with clay, much more than working on a 3D software on her computer. Pottery particularly, got her totally hooked on.

Kriti went on to do a Masters in Visual Arts at the University of Arts London. It was here that she spent days and days trying her hands on ceramics and the work that she has developed is an outcome of the masters program. Kriti’s work draws inspiration from natural processes like erosion and passage of time. She uses alternative firing techniques like smoke pit firing and saggar firing in order to develop unique markings on her ceramic objects. Her work involves a deliberate non-use of glaze in an attempt to achieve a more natural look and to retain the surface quality of clay.



Apart from creating beautiful ceramic creations, in 2014 Kriti collaborated with industrial designer Rohan Chhabra to form a collective studio called re-culture. Their very first product, a very unique ceramic planter called Dear O’ Deer became the finalist at the Unique Youngster Competition organized by the German Design Council and was exhibited at Cologne, Germany. The planter works on the juxtaposition of life and death and is a metaphor of a cruelty-free animal hunting trophy.


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