Cute and Colourful Designs

Product Designer Shweta Jain Chopra graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Design. She is a big enthusiast of the oriental culture, which she fuses with her Indian background to create a unique style of her own, leading to her brand, SJC Designs. All her products are handmade by her.

Shweta was invited to showcase her products at the World Design Fair 2010, held in Seoul, a platform where the Korean government invites foreign designers to display and retail their work so as to increase awareness in the locals about international design sense. Here, she represented India and gave a presentation on the same to the guests as well.

Here are a few of her cute and colourful designs:





Based in Seoul, South Korea Shweta also heads the design team for a luxury silverware brand in India called Ravissant. SJC Design products will soon be available at SOIO.

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