Boho Gypsy

Designer Annah Chakola studied in a British boarding school in Ooty called Hebron. Being an international school it exposed her to people from all over the world. She knew from then that there was a world out there with many possibilities and she wanted to see it. Since she had a family member in America, she decided to go there for her higher studies in International Business. Though she graduated with a business degree Annah never got into the corporate setting. She kept drifting towards her true passion, the arts.

Coming from a creative family, with an artist father Annah always had a creative streak. She started exploring Flea markets, vintage shops and buying unique accessories to play around with. Annah would make pieces with these found objects and would always have people commenting on them and asking her to do a show. Her friend who owns a flower shop let her have her first show at her shop and the rest evolved organically. While still working full-time Annah would do trunk shows on weekends till one day she felt she had to make a change in her life to live more creatively. In April 2011, Annah resigned from her job at an art gallery, took her savings and launched Boho Gypsy.

Through Boho Gypsy, Annah indulges in vintage textiles, raw stones and natural seeds to create beautiful jewellery and handbags. She works directly with artisans, who help her bring her designs to life. Annah has worked with tribes in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

Here are a few of her designs:

Annah feels her true passion is fabrics and clothing. She hopes to launch Boho Gypsy Apparel in the future.

She loves to collaborate with other artists and organisations. Her first collaboration was with the Bill Clinton foundation to “save the elephants”. Annah designed a wood bangle with a groovy carved elephant and 10% of the proceeds went to support the cause.

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