Aditi Bajpai’s mother Divya started her own company when Aditi was only two. She used to export bedding and clothes, and also design for her buyers. As a child Aditi would accompany her mum to work and spend endless hours around fabrics, playing with spools of threads and getting her dolls dresses and her dresses made at the workplace. Watching her mother work Aditi’s interest in design grew organically through the years. When she was in her teens, they would always talk about the day they would have their own brand. It wasn’t until Aditi graduated from Lady Shri Ram College in Political Science that she started thinking seriously about design.

During her final year of masters, Aditi and her mum would spend many evenings over endless cups of chai discussing their plans. Around the same time Aditi had started experimenting with Illustrator and had made many graphics on her computer. Many branding sessions and months of hard work finally culminated into their brand, Almirah.

The designs for Almirah are made by Aditi, she creates the graphics and silhouettes and then decides the colors for the range. Divya handles the production and looks after quality control and administration. Here are a few of their designs:

Almirah was founded with the aim to invoke the memories of ‘days gone by’. Many garments are made with organic cotton. Hand block printing, tie dyeing, Kantha, and motifs from the Indians jungle both urban and rural are used.

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