Über Cool Underground Designs

Calcutta based digital artist Fahd Hussein has been an active member of the online underground art community for over 14 years. His style and content has matured over the years through horror, schockcore & fantasy art to settle into a lazily surreal, neo-psychedelic blend of detail and thought. Here is his creation for The Art Conspiracy in Mumbai:

Fahd currently runs a streetwear brand called “OnSeed” with a group of artists, which has a cult following cutting across the underground art, music & fashion scene in the country. Here are a few of his designs for Onseed:

To enjoy more of Fahd’s ubercool work click here.

  1 comment for “Über Cool Underground Designs

  1. GB
    October 26, 2010 at 1:20 am

    I like the white T-shirt. And are those kukris on the last tee? quite interesting and very edgy!

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