The Thames & The Ganges

Designer Deshna Mehta holds a BFA from Sir J.J Institute of Applied Art and a Masters in Graphic Design from London College of Communication. Her approach to design is more content driven, where the solution to a project could be a book, a photograph, an installation or a piece of writing.

In 2009, Deshna did a comparative study of the Cultural Landscapes of the Thames in London and the Ganges in India. She spent about 4 months studying the Thames and Ganges, physically shooting by the rivers, interviewing people, doing surveys and finding out how similar yet different the two majestic rivers are. She made 6 books titled: The Manifestation – FORM, The Grid – TEXTURE, The Elusive – CULTURE, The Evasive – LIGHTS, The Matrix – WATER and The Consciousness – PERCEPTION.

Here are a few of her photographs revolving around the two rivers, drawing parallels and contrasts between them.

Deshna is currently based in London pursuing a second Masters in Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art. She aims to write a history of Graphic Design practices in India for her thesis, with emphasis on the efficacy of graphic design on the receiving end. She strongly believes that Graphic Design in India needs a re-definition pertinent to an Indian context (not defined by the West) derived from and for the people.

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