The Call of Art

Digital Artist Devraj Baruah was born in a small town in the banks of the river Brahmaputra, Assam and brought-up in Guwahati. At school, Devraj scored quite poorly in art, he wasn’t interested in making objective drawings like bananas or a landscape as required by the school curriculum, instead was very popular among his school mates for his caricatures and illustrations about incidents at school and the teachers.

After school Devraj graduated in arts and started helping his brother Yuvraj with his tea business. He was also inducted in a fortnightly local English magazine called Pot Pourri as the Creative in-charge. After working for a few years Devraj felt he needed something more out of his life, so he joined a spiritually oriented service organization called Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Life really changed for him then. Devraj was posted to remote villages in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, teaching yoga, youth camps and spreading the teachings of the great Saint.

After four years of working as a Seva-Vrati(service-worker), Devraj had two options either become a Jivan Vrati(Life Worker) or go back home. He opted to go back. Realizing that there is a dearth of entrepreneurship in the rural areas, he started doing Horticulture (Tube Rose farm called Floral Harvest) in a family owned plot in the border areas of Assam and Meghalaya. He loved the experience of bringing home buckets of tube roses every day. But then, there were wild elephants using his plot as a corridor to move around. After his crop got trashed a couple of times Devraj knew the land(his farm) belonged to the elephants and they have been using it for hundreds of years and they just didn’t care whose name it was registered to.

He shut shop and decided to reach out to his art. Devraj moved to Pune and joined TATA Consultancy Services as a graphic designer. Thereafter he worked in various software companies where he had the opportunity to design icons and user interface for some of the world’s best CAD/CAM products like, DentCAD, FeatureCAM and ShoeMAKER.

In December 2013, on a Saturday morning Devraj was geared up to watch a concert of Alan Parsons Project in Mumbai and was riding his Royal Enfield through the old Mumbai-Pune highway. Just kilometers away from the venue he met with an accident. After a number of surgeries, his brother took him back home to Guwahati. Since then Devraj is in his room recovering from his injuries. But nothing stops the one with the will.  While in bed, Devraj started to work as a freelancer. He even won a Talenthouse contest, designing a Business Card for Talenthouse.  He currently also creates Canvas art, Posters, T- shirts and different merchandise. Here are a few of his creations:

Devraj is a featured artist in Escape motion, Postergully, Paintcollar and other sites.

This is what he says “From the beginning till now, I realised nothing is constant but my own art evolving at its own pace.”


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