Surreal Tranquil Art

Born in Bharatpur, Smriti Choudhary visited the Ghana bird sanctuary countless times until she was 6. She remembers waking up early to see different species of birds gathering on the terrace for birdseed. Around the age of 7 her family moved to Udaipur, another small city in Rajasthan, also called “city of lakes”. As a child, Smriti swam in lakes, ponds and splashed around in streams. Being close to nature played an important part in nurturing her creative side.

During her school years Smriti used to draw, dance, play mandolin, embroider, knit and even sing. She wanted to try everything. She started to draw very early in life and always had her own sketchbooks and stationery. Being one of 3 sisters, there was nothing that they singularly owned. The sisters shared clothes, shoes, books, games and everything. So Smriti’s only escape to her own space was her drawings.

After school, Smriti joined the National Institute of Design where she got to enhance her skills and explore different mediums. From a hobby, art and design became her profession. After graduating as a graphic designer in the year 2005, Smriti started her independent design studio Pinksoda and worked on various branding and print design projects. During this period she also experimented with digital illustrations.

After spending years in front of the computer, in 2011, Smriti decided to go back to the drawing board, literally. She started to draw more and on everything possible. She drew on mugs, on cupboards in the house, on the walls, on dining plates. She liked what she did and decided to take her illustrations to another level and in December 2013, Airphish was launched.

At Airphish, every process involves the human touch ­ from drawing to transferring each print onto handcrafted products. All the artworks and products are inspired by the beauty of Nature; and shipped in eco-­friendly packaging. Here are a few of her products:



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