Connecting the Dots

At the early age of 19, Pratik Chaudhri knew that he wanted to be a creator. Studying to be an Architect at the time, Pratik knew there was something else in the world he was meant to do. Starting off with a few dance classes in Mumbai, he immediately realized his natural flare for it and thus started on the journey of discovering and creating. Over the years Pratik continued his dance training and trained in most dance forms available to him in Mumbai and Milan where he did his MBA in Business design. From Jazz to Salsa to Ballet to Contemporary to Flamenco, Pratik’s diverse dance education is what has helped him create his own movement today.

His first collaborative work was in the year 2006 entitled “Moving Into Stillness”. The project which was a Dance Photography collaboration between him, his dance partner Ratna Seth and photographer Zishaan Latif. Here a few pictures from it:



Since his first project, Pratik has come a long way, his journey leading him to create Connecting the Dots. Connecting the Dots is a platform for like minded creative people  to come together to create something wonderful. Here is what Pratik says, “I look at myself as a facilitator and a curator. I am looking at curating this project a year or two from now to create a live performance, one which will include multi-media, installation artists and other mediums of Art and Design.” As far as the vision for Connecting the Dots goes, “Connecting the Dots is a platform for showcasing works towards Essential Incompletion. In the future i would like for it to become a patron in the field of creativity, facilitating opportunities for people who are searching for their other side – their crazy self.

Pratik is currently shooting a dance duet, “Dance on Camera” with a dancer & writer Eesha Singh.

Connecting the Dots is looking to reach out and work with artists from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in experimenting with different mediums of expression. If you would like to get involved as a participant or patron, or feel that you have something to offer the project you can email Pratik:

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  1. November 2, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    well done . keep it up

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