Divya Otswal is a Strategic Design Director and Editorial Photographer. As a photographer, Divya often accesses people’s private spaces, uninvited, to sense each situation as it unfolds and to capture with maximum sensitivity, the feel and atmosphere of the people and their surroundings.

Divya was the only Indian artist invited to exhibit her series of images in an opening show of a gallery at Shropshire, England amongst other local artists from UK. Her pictures were also auctioned as a part of a charity art show in Amsterdam to raise funds for educating kids in India. She is in the process of creating a new series themed Outsider. Here are two sets of pictures from the series:

SET 1: The assemblage of strangely dressed people were indulging in some high fashion glamour at a wig party that happens every year to raise funds for an AIDS charity.


SET 2: Karga – a hindu festival, where the bare-chested, dhoti-clad men parade the streets with swords. The men dance around fire in large groups facing the deity, striking the swords against their chests.




Divya is currently planning her first solo travel exhibition and a coffee table book.

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