Nowhere To Hide

Jayesh Sachdev, graduated with a major in Advertising and Design from Lasalle-SIA College of Arts, Singapore. He holds the National Record for having painted India’s largest concept artwork, a new-media artwork 40ft x40ft through a never before initiated ‘Tyre-Art‘ concept that was witnessed by the Indian art fraternity.

Jayesh has held several exhibitions in New York, India, Singapore and Paris. His works are with private collectors across the globe including French Royalty and Bollywood icons. He has showcased his works along with original works of legendary Raja Ravi Verma and has the distinction of having works featured at Cannes and Pune International Film Festivals. He has also been involved with charity art events attended by the President of India, APJ Kalam.

Jayesh is the finalist of the Tiger Translate India Arts Awards and Crow Bar Asia Advertising Awards and has also had the privilege of being invited as a TEDx Speaker. Here are a few of his awesome paintings from a series titled “No Where To Hide”, showcased in New York:


Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

Jayesh founded Emblem, a contemporary Art & Design studio, followed by the Emblem Art Gallery and Emblem Couture. He is currently working on his paintings for a show in New York, a solo show in India and his two new Life Style and Fashion labels, Quirk Box and Stuck with Stupid. Here are a few of his quirky pillows:


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  1. May 19, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    It was a joy ride goin thru his credentials. this particular series title is exceptionally beautiful and i loved all three showcased here. especially the first one; could so easily pass off as a photograph! kudos!

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