Illustrations Vintage Style

Artist and illustrator Mohita Iyer started with a background in fashion design. As a design student in 1995, she was a national finalist for the Smirnoff Fashion Awards and her design was featured in Elle Magazine Australia, Mode Magazine and New Woman Magazine.

Although her career started out in Fashion, she has worked in Marketing for several years and is going to make her debut as a Children’s Book Illustrator and author. Her style can best be described as colorful and textured with a vintage feel to it.  Born in India and raised in Australia, she draws inspiration from her colorful background.

Mohita’s work will soon be featured in a travelling exhibit called the “2011 Sketchbook Project” run by the Brooklyn Art Library and will tour many US cities, including San Fransisco, Washington D.C and Atlanta. She is also writing learn-the-language books for Indian children living in western countries.

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