A perfect blend of Art and Science

Designer and 3D sketch artist Sunil Pant has got some amazing work to his credit. He is the Visual development artist for Megamind a movie by dreamworks releasing in December 2010, design artist for The Club a game by SEGA and 3D design artist for Iron Man 2 to name a few. Currently he is working on SPIDER-MAN ‘REBOOT’ as 3D Visual Designer.

Armed with a Bachelors in Physics and a Fine Arts degree in 3D modelling, he creates awesome 3D graphics that are a perfect blend of artistic sense and technological perfection. Here are a few  of his personal designs. The first one is an Armoured Tank Design inspired by Doug Chiang’s droid designs for ‘Star Wars’, the second is a design for Geppetto’s workshop that he created for the story of Pinocchio and the third is a futuristic maintenance vehicles for monorails, inspired by Ron Cobb’s designs for ‘Aliens’.

To enjoy more of Sunil’s amazing work click here.

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