Mid-week humour

I came across these illustrations while browsing and thought I must share them. I love the way Nithin Rao says so much through his humorous illustrations. Here are a few of them for some midweek cheer!

Maradona V/s Paul the Octopus

Man Booker Prize

Aravind Adiga



Disclaimer : All images used are solely owned by the artist and are reproduced here with prior permission. Please do not use these images without obtaining consent from the artist.

To enjoy more of Nithin’s illustrations click here.

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  1. July 29, 2010 at 3:56 am

    Hello Nisha Ji,

    Thanks for visiting – I am glad you find the blog interesting, though these two boys who I’ve got under my wings, and also under the blades of my ceiling fan, can be quite a handful, I expect them to their job. Though Vicky spilled the beans right after you left, I think I’d give him a second chance.

    Do visit again. People of Indian origin are especially welcome:)

    Ok. Bye-bye.
    Gorakh Nath.

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