Designer & Dancer

Miti Desai is an alumnus of Sophia Polytechnic (India), Portfolio Centre (USA) and Bauhaus(Germany).  She won many awards and medals in her original field of Graphic Design, but the urge to feel body design led her to dance. She was looking for a spiritual approach to satisfy a deep inner quest which she found at Nateshvari, a dance school run by Mandakini Trivedi, committed to reviving the yogic traditions in Indian dance and creating dancers who can assimilate the principles of art into their lives.


Miti has been awarded the title of Singar Mani at the 45th Kal Ke Kalakar Sangeet Sammelan and has performed at Festivals in India and abroad. She is also the Founder & Creative Head of Miti Design Lab. Her work is an experiment towards the understanding of Design as a whole along with the perception of the Design Industry and Design Education.

Here are a few of Miti’s design work:

Design & Dance being two sides of a coin, Miti explores and expresses herself equally through both the idioms.


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