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Bangalore-based Graphic designer and photography hobbyist Menaka Chandrasekhar was always creatively inclined. After she completed her BA in Graphic design in Singapore at Lasalle, College of the Arts she pursued a career in Advertising and Graphic design. She was a finalist in the 2008 Crowbar Awards for the Editorial publishing category and in the Electric Tiger land T-Shirt design Contest held by Onitsuka Tiger, Japan in 2008.

Menaka does not believe in having only one style of designing. She feels her ability to experiment and adapt her style/sensibilities to a project’s needs is what makes her point of view come across in her work. Here is an interactive environment she created to educate layman about typefaces by creating 4 different characters each representing four different categories of typefaces (geek= digital typeface, business man= corporate typeface, rocker girl= display typeface and rich aristocrat= decorative typeface).

Inspired by the theme rock and roll, here is an awesome toy and its packaging that Menaka designed:

Here is a brochure designed by her to promote an exhibition of art against hate crimes.

Currently Menaka works as a design associate at Qern design and also freelances occasionally under the alias ‘designgeek’.

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