Dark Pictures with Deep Secrets

A student of Political Science, Bhumika Bhatia never in her wildest dreams thought of becoming a photographer. However, she always dreamt of a world where everything was extraordinary with surreal trees, purple clouds and deep secrets.

When Bhumika was young, her mother used to tell her stories about how fairies used to take her granddad away with them and fly all night and sing songs; and at crack of dawn they would leave him on his terrace with boxes full of sweets. This intrigued her.

A self taught photographer Bhumika spent days at the library and bookstores reading whatever she could find about this art.  She had her first group show when she was only 19 and that’s when she felt that her life was about to change. That same year, Bhumika submitted her work for a competition in Paris and stood 8th worldwide; as a consolation prize, her photograph was exhibited at the Paris Fashion Week. Two of her photographs were exhibited at Selfridges, London as a part of Jimmy Choo PEP project – in partnership with the Elton John Foundation. Later that year, Bhumika also won India’s first Fashion Photography competition; and when she got to work with one of Indian’s most renowned photographers, Bhumika finally realised that she wanted to take photographs for the rest of her life.

Bhumika has been featured in magazines such as Digital Photographer, Digital Camera World, GQ India, Cosmopolitan India, YUVA India, Yeah UK, Carpaccio-Spain, TIME Magazine (Online) , The Sindhian, Haute Magazine, USA , MYOD India, Cover for Asian Photography Magazine, Better Photography Magazine, Femina Bride, Front page on Vogue Italia (twice), Creative Boom-UK, Penguin Books, Asian Photography Magazine, 121 clicks, Brink Magazine -Florida, Racing Minds and numerous online blogs

Deeply inspired by Tim Burton and the darkness in his movies, Bhumika’s work has a lot of depth and mystery attached to it. Here are a few of her pictures:

Bhumika is also inspired by artists/bands like The XX, Florence Welch, Kimbra, Sigur Ros, Massive Attack, Matt Elliot, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and hopes to photograph them in the future.

From the world of photography she admires the work of Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi, Sally Mann, Daniel Sannwald, Viviane Sassen, Sarah Moon, Annika von Hausswolff and Rinko Kawauchi amongst others.





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