Dancing Duo

Partners in dance and life, Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy Menon, together explore the intricacies, worship the spirituality and pursue the dialogue of cultures in Bharatanatyam. Alumni of Kalakshetra, it was here that they met.  After graduating and a few years of international experience they got married and soon formed a group in Chennai. Their first dance production, ‘Krishna‘, received rave reviews.

Shijith, an ex-faculty member of ‘Kalakshetra‘, is a versatile and world-renowned dancer, an exceptional Nattuvanar, a unique choreographer and a trained percussionist. In 2007, he was awarded the Yuva Kala Bharathi title by Bharat Kalachar.

Parvathy has travelled around the globe as one of the lead performers of the Kalakshetra Repertory Company. Her role of Christine in ‘Masquerade’, a production of Kalakshetra, was widely acclaimed by eminent exponents of the discipline.

The couple have just wrapped up their US tour yesterday and are off to Bhopal, India for their next programme. To know more about Shijith & Parvathy or their performances click here.

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